How to Register for MOVE Courses

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Step 1: Choose the course(s) you wish to attend.

Step 2: Check your organisation’s eligibility for VWOs-Charities Capability Fund (VCF).

Step 3: Download MOVE Training Registration Form and fax the completed form to MOVE.

Step 4: Apply for training funding (please see instructions and form below)


A place will be reserved for you upon receipt of your registration form by fax. Please inform us in writing of any change in your registration with more than 10 working days* of notice before commencement of the course. If no notification is received by commencement date, the full course fee will be billed to the organisation.

MOVE will notify the participants of confirmation of the course and their training places via email at least 5 working days before the commencement date of the course.

Training Funding/ Subsidy

The funding available for each training is indicated on the respective training course webpage and the course brochure.

(a) VWOs-Charities Capability Fund (VCF)

Please note that MOVE courses are under the category of “Non Pre-approved Training Courses”.  If your application for VCF is approved, it provides 80% funding (Singaporeans/PRs) or 60% funding (personnel on employment pass/work permit) to applicants from registered charities/IPCs and NCSS members.

Participants (Staff/Volunteers) from Charities/IPCs that are members of National Council of Social Service (NCSS):

  • Apply online for VCF funding at (Click and login to VWO Corner) at least ONE MONTH before course commencement.  Then apply funding for MOVE course under “Non Pre-approved Training Courses”. Once your online application(s) is approved, the system will generate a reference number and email for each successful application.


Participants (Staff/Volunteers) from Charities/IPCs that are NOT members of National Council of Social Service (NCSS):

  1. Download and complete the Local Training Grant Application Form for VCF funding at (click on the “VCF-Training Fund” under “Funding and Support”).
  2. Mail the completed form to VCF Secretariat at least ONE MONTH before course commencement.

For information on VCF, funding criteria and quantum, application process etc, please visit (Click on “Funding & Resources” under “VWO Corner”)

Please note that funding is subjected to the VCF panel’s approval and the eligibility criteria set forth for granting of funding. Before applying, please read through the funding criteria and also the funding terms and conditions.

In the event where funding is not granted, trainees will pay the full course fees.


Members’ Discount

Join us as a member now and enjoy:

  • 10% discount off full event and course fees (courses and event without subsidy)
  • 10% discount off event and course fee after subsidy (courses and events with subsidy)


For VCF grantees, please take note of the post-training administration to VCF Secretariat as indicated in their approval email in order for your organisation to receive your training subsidy. This step can only be administered by your organisation as MOVE cannot claim the training subsidy on behalf of your organisation.

MOVE will provide the invoice and certificate to you on the day of training to facilitate your post-training administration to VCF Secretariat. Please do not hesitate to contact Susan at 6227 6812 if you have any queries.