VC Connect May 2013: Huh VIA?

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Download Resources

Thank you for attending VC Connect, please see below for the resources that you can download.

  1. Highlights from the VC Connect Plenary (1mb)
  2. VIA Handbook by Ministry of Education (4.49mb)
  3. Presentation by Start Now on the President’s Challenge Volunteer Drive 2013 (1.23mb)
  4. Highlights of the Day (Photos)

Note: to download the resources, you can (1) click the links above and then, in the next page, (2) right click to choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” to download the files.


To access these resources again:

  1. Visit, OR
  2. Visit MOVE webpage (> Resources > VC Connect > VC Connect Resource Centre > VC Connect May 2013: Huh VIA?
  3. No password; free access

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