Our Logo

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The Logo

The lighter tone yellow line represents the volunteers as they go about their work.

The deeper tone red colour represents the Volunteer Programme Managers (VPM) who act as the ‘Wind beneath the Wings” giving support, guidance and direction for the volunteers.

The two lines coming together and converging at the pivotal point symbolises the synergy created as a result of this close cooperation.

Together they merge to benefit the community at large, embodied within the red/orange patch of the body of the kite.

The lines go upwards representing a meaningful partnership that will make things better for everyone in the community we live in. Incidentally, it might look like a kite but that’s the idea… when good things come together, we soar, our spirits are uplifted and our sense of creativity is heightened.

The Colours

Yellow is used to represent the Volunteers signifying their sense of altruism – the desire to willingly put others before self in order to benefit the society.

Red is used to represent the VPMs signifying their sense of pride and passion in working alongside Volunteers.

Together they merge to form a bright orange to represent the Community. The colour ‘orange’ is purposely chosen to show how beautiful, vibrant and strong our community can be when we pool our efforts and resources together and make life even better and more meaningful for one another.

The Imagery

The choice of the kite as our symbol is not coincidental. Great mastery is required in flying a kite especially when one wants to outdo one’s competitors like in a kite- flying contest. You must know when to let the wind take its course and let your kite soar high up with the wind. And almost at the spur of a moment’s wit and with adept swiftness, you have to change tactics and steer the kite to a safe height at a steady velocity. To be a champion kite-flyer, you need to have a combination of all of these ingredients – physical strength, determination, perseverance, dexterity, skill and technique.

Similarly, a competent Volunteer Programme Manager would require the same ingredients in order to effectively coordinate volunteer efforts and resources. Unbeknownst to the unsuspecting bystander, the VPM’s job is no child’s play, in fact it is almost as challenging as that of any death-defying stuntman. The only difference is that it is more humane because we deal with people who have a heart that pumps life. Volunteers are people with feelings; emotional beings with mood swings, different personality traits and idiosyncrasies. Because of all of these complexities, our work is therefore made even more interesting on the one hand, and perhaps more demanding on the other.

But when all is well, the kite soars into the highest skies, reminding us of our lofty aspirations and that the sky’s the limit!