Ms Lam Moy Yin

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About the Trainer:

Moy Yin is a trainer and consultant specialising in volunteer management. Through numerous trainings she conducted with the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre since 2004, she has trained more than 600 persons from non-profit organisations and corporations in volunteer management, helping their organisations to manage volunteers in a professional way. Her previous experience in working and managing volunteers in non-profit organisations has led her to understand many complex and delicate issues in volunteer management.

With her extensive knowledge and experience in volunteer management, Moy Yin has provided volunteer management consultancy services for Singapore Sports Council (SSC), which organises the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in 2003, 2004 and 2007. Moy Yin designed the volunteer management system, which enables SSC to mobilise and manage 3000 volunteers efficiently in the Singapore Marathon. She designed the volunteer management system for the 117th International Olympics Committee Session held in Singapore, July 2005. Her experience has led her to provide volunteer management consultancy for the National Arts Council, which organised the inaugural contemporary art exhibition Singapore Biennale 2006. In 2008, Moy Yin provided training for the staff and volunteers of the Beijing Olympic Games in volunteer management and risk management in preparation of the Olympic Games which mobilised 500,000 volunteers.

In 2010, Moy Yin co-developed the curriculum of effective workforce management for the staff and volunteer team leaders for the inaugural Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG). She also provided training for more than 350 staff and volunteer leaders for YOG since April 2010. Moy Yin was appointed as the Workforce Incident Manager for YOG.

Moy Yin is also engaged as the volunteer management consultant for Singapore Biennale 2011. This is her third consecutive appointment with the Singapore Biennale since 2006.

Moy Yin specialises in assisting various organisations to design volunteer management system with best practices in vision creation, job design, policies drafting, risk management, recruitment, screening, supervision, motivation, retention and programme review.

Moy Yin has trained many non-profit organisations, government agencies and corporations like ABN AMRO, National Library Board, National Parks Board, NTUC Club, SAFRA, and SMRT Corporation Ltd. She has also conducted training in Beijing, South Africa and Thailand.

To professionalise the position of volunteer programme managers in Singapore, Moy Yin has co-founded MOVE (Managing & Organising Volunteer Efforts),, the national professional body for volunteer programme managers.